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Family Photographer of the Year 2022 - This is Reportage Family

Best Family Photographer 2022


I have actually made it again this year with my Faceless work to become the best FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER 2022 of TIR Family! This is Reportage Family is an association of more than 330 family photographers coming from all over the world.

The awards are judged by an independent international jury, which changes in each round. There are 6 rounds per year, in which individual awards and story awards are given. Already last year I was best family photographer and also this year I managed to win the title with 16 awarded single photos and 4 photo series. 

I am just speechless, super proud and so grateful that I could get the title two times in a row and that without showing the faces of the kids. For all those who know me, know that this is my heart theme, all others find more info here

My sincere congratulations to all my other dear colleagues, especiallyKirsten, who brought me to documentary family photography and from whom I was able to learn so much, 1000 thanks!

Many thanks to Alan for the wonderful platform for documenatric family photography.

Top 100 Familienfotografen des Jahres 2022 - Nummer 1 Sabine Doppelhofer

Here you can find my 20 awards, where 16 single photos and 4 photo series were awarded.  

This is Reportage Family Award 2 Kinder verstecken sich in Gaderoben Boxen

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