Documentary Family Photography

This is how families are photographed today!

Documentary family photography is the MODERN way to capture YOUR REAL FAMILY HISTORY. 

This is about YOUR LIFE, das was EUCH ALS FAMILIE and AS PERSONS all the little things that make life with children so wonderful, but that are often PAINFULLY GONE AGAIN. are. Because time does not stand still and all of a sudden the children are big and what remains is the memory of it, do not let the memory fade with time but get it WITH THE HELP OF MY PHOTOS back again and again, like a little TIME JOURNEY. 

Because at the end of the day, it's not any material things that count, but THE WONDERFUL MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES that we got to spend with our children and our partner. 

Are you ready for the family photography revolution?

I've heard so many times from parents that IN LOOKING BACK, the time when their children were little was often a stressful one, but also ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL IN THEIR LIVES, that it went by way too fast and they wished they could somehow get that time back. Give yourself and your family this gift now and hold onto a PART OF YOUR FAMILY STORY FOREVER.

Documentary family reportage

This can be a WHOLE NORMAL AND TYPICAL DAY, or ONE PARTICULAR PASSION of yours that you like to do together as a family (like here is a Swimming pool visit), or a SPECIAL EVENT like a birthday party or the FIRST KINDERGARTEN DAY or SCHOOL DAY. But this can also be a DAY IN YOUR VACATION.  

Think about what is important to you and what you would like to keep in clear memory forever.

REAL and UNPOSED, no posing, no intervention.


include the following


Individual advice on shooting by phone I videocall and email.


als Homestory bei euch zu Hause oder wo immer ihr euch wohl fühlt. Anfahrt im Raum Graz inkl. außerhalb pro gefahrenen Kilometer € 0,50


lovingly selected and edited photos in my unique and timeless style

online gallery

A password-protected online gallery is available for you to choose from approx. 8 weeks after the shooting.

Small family reportage

Since I work documentary - which means I do not direct you or pose you in any way - to really capture your AUTHENTIC FAMILY LIFE, it takes according to experience a bit until you get used to me. That's why the smallest family shooting starts at 2 HOURS. Here you can get to know me and my work. 

Half day documentary

In the half-day reportage I follow you about 4-6 HOURS, either in your EVERYDAY, at an EVENT or an ACTIVITY that you like to do. For prices, just send me a non-binding booking request. 

Day in the Life Shootings

In the Day in the Life Shootings I really accompany you ONE WHOLE DAY. That means I'm already there when you get up and only leave again WHEN THE CHILDREN ARE IN BED. So I can document a whole day in your life. 
This is where I usually get the most AUTHENTIC shots, simply because you guys are so used to me and that's why these are also one of my favorite shoots. 

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