Workshop Photo series Masterclass

In my online workshop - PHOTO SERIES MASTERCLASS you will learn everything you need to know to create a strong photo series to:

  • photograph
  • arrange
  • put in the right order
  • edit & color grade

START: März 2024

Photo series Masterclass

Creating strong documentary Photoseries

online mentoring workshop

PHOTOSERIES MASTERCLASS is an 8-week, intensive, assignment-based online workshop in a small closed group, with the goal of knowing at the end exactly how to create good, powerful photo series that will impress both your clients and the judges at photo competitions.

The workshop takes place once a week online via Zoom and if you can't be there live, a recording is of course available. 

Workshop topics

Basics photo series

First you will learn all the basics about photo series, what types there are, what images you need for a successful series, how to find your subject and of course how to shoot your series.

Editing photo series

Im nächsten Teil zeige ich Dir wie du die richtigen Fotos für deine Serie auswählst und anschließend in die richtige Reihenfolge bekommst, das ist nämlich fast genauso wichtig wie die Fotos selbst.

Editing Lightroom

Damit deine Serie dann einen einheitlichen Look hat, zeige ich Dir meinen Workflow und gebe Dir Tipps zur Bildbearbeitung in Adobe Lightroom, damit Du das Beste aus deinen Fotos rausholst.

Finished photo series

The goal of the course is that at the end you have a finished, strong and meaningful photo series for yourself personally, your portfolio or with which you can impress your customers and at awards.

Course content


In this intro module you will get an introduction to the workshop. I will tell you what you can expect from this course and how the course works. There will also be a short introduction video from me and the first weekly assignment.

  • Presentation of the workshop
  • What you can expect from this course
  • How the course works
  • Short introduction video from me
  • First assignment 

Introduction to the topic of photo series and inspiration

In this module we will look at the basics of photo series and what makes them different. We will look at different types of photo series and what elements make a successful photo series. We will also look at some successful series for inspiration. 

  • Photo series basics
  • different types of photo series
  • Inspiration of successful photo series

Subject identification, preparation & planning 

In this module you will learn how to find your subject for a photo series, prepare for it, or plan if necessary, to get the best possible result. We will discuss the importance of research and brainstorming for choosing and implementing your subject. You will also learn techniques for designing your photo series and how to turn your ideas into concrete steps. By the end of this module, you will be ready to begin implementing your photo series.

  • Subject finding photo series
  • Preparation and planning

Photographing your photo series

Im Modul “Fotografieren einer Fotoserie” lernst du, wie du dein Thema in eine fotografische Serie umsetzt. Wir werden uns damit befassen, welche Aufnahmearten und -typen  a photo series needs, how to find the best subjects, and how to make sure your photo series is coherent and meaningful. We will also discuss how to present your subject from different angles and perspectives to create an exciting and versatile photo series. Along the way, we'll discuss your results each week so you can immediately apply what you've learned and continue working on it the next week. 

  • Shooting styles and types
  • Subject identification
  • Different angles and perspectives
  • Photo reviews

Selection and arrangement

In this module, you will learn how to select the best photos from your photo series and present them in the best order to tell an engaging and meaningful story. You'll learn different methods for selecting the best photos and arranging them. You'll also get an overview of how to best optimize and consistently color grade your photos in Lightroom. 

  • Photo selection
  • Photo arrangement and ordering


This module is about how to present your photo series and what options you have for showing it to an audience. We will discuss different ways to present your series and which is best for your subject and audience. We will also look at different photo contests and I will give you tips for a successful submission. By the end of this workshop you will have a finished photo series and know how to present it in a professional way.

  • Possibilities of presentation
  • Photo contests and tips for successful submission

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The most frequently asked questions and answers

The PHOTO SERIES MASTERCLASS is for all photographers who are interested in creating photo series and want to learn how to shoot, compose, sequence and edit a strong photo series.

In particular, the Masterclass is very helpful if you work as a documentary family photographer and offer Day in the Life shoots, for example.

You should already have a basic knowledge of photography, ideally be able to shoot manually with confidence and be proficient with your camera. You will also need a computer and image editing software such as Adobe Lightroom.

The workshop takes place online and consists of several modules. You will have access to a learning platform where you can work through some of the lessons at your own pace. Once a week we meet live via Zoom, where you can ask your questions directly to me and learn from the other participants. There is also a closed Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with other participants and get feedback on your work.

Yes, it is recommended, but not required, that you are online during the course times. Since the live Zoom meetings are recorded, you can always view them later and edit the material as needed. However, it may be beneficial to attend the meetings live to ask questions and receive feedback from other participants.

The workshop lasts a total of 8 weeks. You should plan about 3-5 hours per week during this time to work through the modules and create your photo series. 

By the end of the workshop, you will have created a strong and meaningful photo series that you can use for your portfolio or social media channels and submit to photo contests. You will also be able to apply the techniques and skills you learned during the workshop to future photo shoots and projects.

Yes, to benefit from the PHOTO SERIES MASTERCLASS you should be able to operate your camera manually and have a basic knowledge of photography. Although it is not mandatory that you know how to shoot manually, it is a requirement that you really know how to use your camera. This is important to get the most out of the course and to ensure that you can put the techniques and skills you learn into practice.

For a period of 12 months after the start of the PHOTO SERIES MASTERCLASS course, you have access to all course content. This means that you can access the video recordings and additional materials at any time to learn at your own pace, if necessary, to deepen and refresh the content. 

Der Kurs startet im Februar 2024.

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