Documentary family photographer

Your story - Your family - Your life. Documented. Real and unposed.

I am here to help you beautifully document your family exactly as it is and transform your everyday life into art. 

Bundespreis 2023 1. Preis Reportage
Fearless Family Photographer 2021 & #2 2022
This is Reportage Family Photographer 2021 & 2022
International Family Photographer 2022 I Golden Lens Award
This is Reportage Family Storyteller 2021
MyWed Best Family Photographer 2021
1st Place Overall 2022 & 2021 Family Inspiration Photographers


Bundespreis & Landespreis 2023

1. Platz Reportage / Fotojournalismus

Family Photographer of the Year

This is Reportage Family

Photographer of the Year 2021 & 2022

2021 Fearless Family Photographer of the Year - Sabine Doppelhofer

Fearless Family Photographers

Photographer of the Year 2021 & 2. Platz weltweit 2022

Badged best family photographer in the world MyWed

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Best Documentary Family Photographer 2021

International Best Family Photographer of the Year 2022 - Sabine Doppelhofer I Banderole by Inspiration Photographers

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International Family Photographer 2022 & Revelation 2021

About me

I bring the uniquely creative style of documentary photography to families and photographers around the world.

Sabine Doppelhofer

I want to tell your family story with exciting and unposed photos.

Are you also sometimes afraid of waking up and suddenly your child no longer does such a lovely behaviour? Time passes so quickly, especially with small children, and they grow up so fast. 

As a mum, I know how quickly the wonderful things are often gone overnight, such as breastfeeding, crawling, carrying in a sling, etc. When I miss these things, I just take a photo book out of the cupboard or watch a slideshow and can take a little trip back in time and bring them back a little bit.

This is exactly the gift I would like to give you and your family. I want you to remember all the beautiful details of your family life and especially how it felt back then. This is documentary family photography. 


Documentary Family Photography

You would like to capture real and wonderful moments in your life? Don't want posed and staged family photos and feel more comfortable with a family reportage? Then you've come to the right place!

Dokumentarische Familienfotografin Sabine Doppelhofer

Documentary Vacation Shooting

Imagine you could always bring back the feeling of your holiday. No problem, I'm also happy to join you on your trip as a documentary family photographer and capture your travel moments for you forever.

Werbefotografie fĂŒr Spielzeugfirma Ostheimer Holzspielzeug

Modern commercial photography

Are you looking for authentic and real advertising photos that tell real stories and don't look like advertising? I can help you with over 7 years of professional experience, I can conjure up image photos that don't look like conventional advertising photos.

Beste Kamera fĂŒr Familienfotos 2022 - Canon EOS R6 Workshop Foto

Mentoring / Workshops

Do you have questions about documentary family photography, storytelling or how I manage as a successful family photographer not to show the children's faces? I am happy to pass on my knowledge to you.


"The Day in the Life shoot was the best investment we have made in a long time. The pictures are a real treasure and the children love looking at the album and slideshow. Sabi managed to show us exactly as we are and the day was stress free and relaxed from the start."
Family S.
"We thought long and hard about booking a full day and whether documentary family photography was worth the money, but now we know it's worth every euro! The photographs taken are priceless and our children will be able to enjoy them and dive into our world for decades to come. We are totally thrilled and will do a family documentary every year."
Family K.
"The best photographer! An eye and a "feeling" for the right subject and the right moment. Absolutely recommendable for family photos as well as business photos!!!!."
Georg M.

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